Before you buy:

Live Crabs

Yes, EVERY crab we sell is LIVE. They are fresh off the boat. Never steamed crabs before? Ask us for our recipe and steaming instructions! It's so easy, you can steam them on your stove top! We have crabs available every weekend.

Local Waterman

We are local waterman that run out of our family farm. That means that you don't get old crabs that have gone through several middle-man hands and been marked up. You get the freshest crabs possible and can talk directly with our waterman who catch them! 

Cash Only

We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Credit card processing fees can stack up quick and in an effort to keep our prices and overhead low, we only accept cash now. NO CHECKS. Thank you for understanding!



Still craving crabs? 

We recommend Emmerts Seafood!

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Live Crab Options

#1 Large Males

These are our largest male crabs. All 6" and over point to point.

Bushel:       $

1/2 Bushel: $

Dozen:        $

*prices subject to change

Mixed Males

"The best bang for your Buck"

These are a mix of our #1 Large and #2 Medium male crabs. 

Bushel:       $

1/2 Bushel: $

Dozen:        $

*prices subject to change*

#2 Medium Males

#2 medium male live maryland crabs

These crabs range 5"-under 6" from point to point. Although smaller than our #1 crabs they are still packed full of meat!

Bushel:       $

1/2 Bushel: $

Dozen:        $

*prices subject to change*

Male Culls

These mixed size crabs are lightweight due to recent molting. Great for kids and first time crab pickers!

Bushel:       $

1/2 Bushel: $

*prices subject to change*


Female crab meat is said to have a "sweeter" taste than males. They can be identified by the apron on the belly.

Bushel:       $

1/2 Bushel: $

*prices subject to change*

Feeling guilty about eating females? 

Did you know females mate only one time in their life.

Crab Must-haves

J.O. #2 Seasoning

JO #2 maryland crab seasoning

Favorite crab seasoning among Maryland Waterman, similar to Old Bay but with a "More bold and saltier taste". Once you try it you'll never go back!

1 pound:     SOLD OUT

5 pound:    SOLD OUT

10 pound:  SOLD OUT

25 pound:  SOLD OUT

50 pound:  SOLD OUT


Basic wooden crab claw cracking mallets. Dishwasher safe and great for anger management.

1 Mallet:     $.25 /each

Crab Knife

Stainless steel heavy-duty crab knife. Great for claw cracking, opening, and picking. One time buy will last you a lifetime. A veteran crab picker will always have one handy!


SS Knife:           SOLD OUT


Thick, brown crab paper. Protect your table and make for an easy clean up. Buy a sheet for one use, or buy the whole roll for continuous clean picking!

8 foot section:  SOLD OUT

400 Foot Roll: SOLD OUT

MCB T-Shirt

Look your very best during your crab eating endeavors or anyday with one of our stylish T-Shirts.


MCB Decal